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      The Special School in the juvenile prison in Volos [ EKKN Volos ] was founded on the Ministry of Justices initiative and with the support and collaboration of the Ministry of Education - in September 2002 in the city of Volos, 310 kilometres north of Athens.

It was the second school in the Greek territory to be functioning with prisoner students after the school in the prisons of Avlona.We should mention here that at this moment the schools of prisons in the country have increased to five.

On the 12/11/2002 EKKN Volos was inaugurated by the then minister of Justice k. Philippos Petsalnikos. It is a high school, which follows the timetable of all the rest Greek high schools.

 The special thing about this school is that its students are foreign prisoners ged from 17 to 22 - mostly Albanians with few other nationalities.

 The professors that are occupied here are 5 (2 philologists, 1 physicist, 1 mathematician, who also teaches computer lesson and 1 teacher of the English language 2 of whom are women).

Our students come to school with a great interest in gaining knowledge, as well as saving days, since for each day that they attend school they win one day from their sentence, which is a great motive to them. They study the Greek language and after their graduation of all three grades of high school they take their certificate of graduation ,which is equal to the graduation certificate of any other high school in the country.

 However, above all they accomplish to strengthen their self esteem and self respect and although they are foreigners they manage to overcome all the objective difficulties they face and they make marvels with their insistence and continuous effort. To some of them their imprisonment is not an obstacle to their development but only one difficult period that helps them get ready to face life outside the prison bars.

With the help of all the teachers of High school the students learn and finally love the Greek language and culture and produce great work. From 2002, the year of its function, the school has demonstrated miracles as the students have worked for this.

(A)  During the school year 2002-2003 we dramatized "THE CONVICT" by Konstantinos Theotokis and played it. This play is also available in book and cd.

() During the school year 2003 2004 , on the students "own initiative" , we wrote a theatrical play titled "MOMENTS OF LIFE" ,which talks about four prisoners and the way they face their own cruel reality behind the prison bars. They dared to talk about their personal story, dreams, hopes and worries. They talked about all these things they kept deep inside their soul and never dared to share them with anyone else. Even though they are foreigners they learned their roles so well - overcoming even the least linguistic difficulty that they deserved the applause and all the credit they took from the people who watched them play in the courtyard of prison. This representation is also available in book and cd.

(C)  During the school season 2004-2005 the guys helped in the writing of a project titled "OUT OF THE WALLS" that was about the culture in their country, Albania. They gave information to the readers on the customs of the neighbouring country, elements of their culture, the language and their history. They also mention their personal experiences of their life in Albania. This project is available in book (part of which you can download in pdf format, 171 Kb) and video dvd (a sounding part of which you can download in wma format, 2.79 Mb).

(D)   During the school year 2005 2006  the project OUT OF THE WALLS continued with the writing of students' life stories and the project of health education titled I RELY ON MY SELF was carried out which is available in video DVD.

          And our journey continues...

In addition, our school took part in a European programme in the frames of the SOCRATES-GRUNDTVIG 2 programme from 1-8-2006 to 31-7-2009. During this three year period we will work with institutions from seven different European countries ( this partnership is the result of the Grundtvig contact seminar organized by the British council. Its title was << OPEN MINDS BEHIND CLOSED DOORS >> and it took place in Lancaster of England from 18 to 22 January in the year 2006. We will work on a project entitled <<SONART>>. The subject will be the writing and publication of our inmate students biographies. We will also compile short stories, poems and letters from the prisoners. Our target is for all this material to become a source of inspiration for a future theatrical performance. Its the first time that our school takes part in a European programme and we hope that this pan European partnership will bloom!

Also our school participated in the biennial European partnership prisons or schools that operate within them, entitled LEAP (LEARNING IN PRISON). The Learning Partnership Learning in Prison started the course on the August 1, 2011. Coordinating organization was the foundation Fondazione Giovanni Micheluccionlus from Florence, Italy. This is a nonprofit organization that conducts studies and research on detention facilities, and other public institutions such as hospitals or schools. The other partners, in addition to our school, are the central prisons of Cyprus, University of Manchester, namely the part that provides training to teachers who teach in prisons, prisons in Catalonia (Spain), the Agency's Literary Action Berlin-a non-profit private organization which has established in Berlin, consists of writers and artists who organize various events, discussions, workshops and symposia related to culture and the arts in prisons to respect human rights. This partnership ended in July 2012 and the final product is an e-book (website) which will include best practices for education in prison, as were presented by all European institutions during the formal meetings.

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